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Tidy Tear-offs

Always Code Compliant

Manufacturer Compliant Installation

Our Tidy Methods

Why are our tear-offs tidy? We use a catchment system that prevents old shingles from sliding off the roof as we remove them. Next, we bag the old shingles on the roof. The result? Well, not a shingle or nail will hit the ground during the entire process. This is how we gaurantee that we'll leave your property looking better than we found it. 

Code Compliant

Minnesota has laws and statutes designed to protect you -- the homeowner from negligent/incompetent contractors. These regulations, which include the Minnesota 2015 building code, are also meant as a guide for the contractor to help us provide you with the best outcome for your roof. These guidelines, combined with our years of experience, ensure that you and your home are well cared for, every time. 

Manufacturer Compliant

In addition to the regulations enforced by the state of Minnesota, shingle manufacturers have strict installation guidelines that must be followed in order to make the warranty effective. Incorrect installation by the contractor may void your warranty and can leave the liability of a leaky roof with you. We pay meticulous attention to detail and follow manufacturer instructions each step of the way. 

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Expert Guidance 


Choosing Roof Style

Working with Insurance


Most municipalities in Minnesota require building permits for roof work. We help you through the process of submitting the application for a permit and will work with the building official to get your project approved.