• Michael Schaake

GAF Vs. CertainTeed

The roof on your home is a valuable asset as it both keeps you safe from the elements, and adds esthetic value to the appearance of your home. Therefore, choosing a new roof requires a lot of thought and you need to be thinking about what characteristics are most important to you. Some shingle brands look better from the street, and others are just more durable. I always recommend that my customers make a list of their priorities when choosing a roof. This helps them narrow down the brand that is right for them.

I got my start in roofing back in Alaska where I grew up. There on the West Coast, Malarkey Architectural shingles dominate the market. They are very durable and flexible, so they do great in the extreme cold.

When I moved to Minnesota, I was exposed to many new shingle brands, including GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, IKO, and Atlas. It was pretty overwhelming and I heard a lot of mixed reports from roofers about which shingles were best.

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