Curb Appeal is Important

A good looking home has a lot of contributing factors: yard neatness, siding color, architecture, window style, and of course, the roof.  

When we meet a new person, we take in everything about them in an instant: hair style, eye color, etc. It's a subconscious thing, but has a profound impact on our opinions of people.

Next time you are driving through a neighborhood, look closely at the homes you are passing. Some will be attractive, others will not. Take a moment to look more closely at the roofs and you may notice the homes with really nice roofs were more attractive to you and the ones with deteriorating, stained, or off-color roofs were less attractive. 

A deteriorating roof gives a similar vibe (in some ways) as when you are talking to someone with disheveled hair. It gives the impression that the owner just doesn't care that much. 

"Ok", someone may say, "the roof looks bad, but it isn't leaking" We hear this a lot when talking to homeowners. My response is always that although it is not leaking yet, your neighbors don't know that. And ugly roofs are much more likely to leak than beautiful roofs (more on that in another article).